DIY Bubble Tea Recipe - Signature Milk Tea

bubble tea

The boba craze is hitting the world by the storm and there's good reason for it. These delicious sweet cups of tea, if you will, are irresistible when you add the brown sugar cooked pearls. If you're reading this, chances are, you're also a bubble tea lover! 

Bubble tea is not one single drink but a collection of drinks originating from Taiwan. The word "bubble" is used to describe the tapioca or pearls in your drinks. What was once a simple milk tea you could get from a stall in the streets of Asia, has grown into multiple different franchises across North America.

So why make your own bubble tea?

Because it's easy! And it's like a dream come true to wake up to a hot cup of bubble milk tea in the winter or making a cold iced boba tea in the dead heat of summer. I have seen many homemade recipes out there detailing different ways of making bubble tea and thought they are great in their own ways BUT, it's not the same drink you get at the stores! You're just in luck, if you want that same experience and taste you know you love, you can follow our very own recipe. 

Making your own bubble can be so easy when you have all the right ingredients and tips! Today, we're going back to the original Taiwanese milk tea that started it all- the signature milk tea using our Signature Milk Tea Bubble Kit!

The milk tea that started it all is a blend of Assam tea, creamer and special Taiwanese brown sugar. The brown sugar is what gives the drink it's unique flavor that differentiates itself from any other cup of team with any other white/brown sugar. Without the brown sugar, the milk tea will never taste the same.

 Signature Milk Tea 

Recipe for one drink


5 g of Assam Black Tea
350 ml (1.5 cup) of Hot Water
4 tablespoon (40 g) of Milk Tea Creamer
1 tablespoon (15 ml) of Taiwan Brown Sugar Syrup
1/3 cup cooked tapioca
Our kits come with all of the above to help you make your very own cup of our Signature Milk Tea Bubble Tea. 




Cooking the perfect tapioca can be tricky. To make the perfect soft and chewy tapioca takes some some special secret tips and tricks. For that reason, I'm covering some tips and tricks to help you cook your very own tapioca in the comfort of your own home.

Milk Tea

  • First thing's first, we need some tea! Steep the Assam black tea in hot water for 10 minutes. The longer you steep the tea the stronger the flavor so it is up to you how you'd like your tea. I suggest steeping it for 10 minutes at first to see how that works for you and then make adjustments as wish.
  • Also a quick tip, the flavor of black tea is best when you use boiling hot water ( ~96 Celsius/ 205 Fahrenheit). It really brings out the flavor of the tea.
  • When the tea is steeped, stir in the milk tea creamer. Make sure to stir until there are no more clumps. For those of you who prefer their milk tea less or more creamy, feel free to reduce or add as wish. Again, I suggest trying out the recipe as is the first time and then adjusting after.
  • Mix in the Taiwanese brown sugar syrup. You can adjust this according to your sweetness preference. 
  • If you are drinking the milk tea hot, you can add the tapioca in and enjoy as is. 
  • If you want to make the drink a cold one, pour the tea over ice or shake the tea with a shaker. Take note here that I suggest pouring the tea over ice and not adding ice straight to the tea. The reason for that is if we add ice into the hot tea, the tea will melt the ice and as result, water the tea down.
  • Alternatively, you can put the milk tea into the fridge and have it whenever you like after!


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