Take your boba everywhere you go!


So what's our mission? To bring fun and delicious drinks to everyone!

Why we started?

Have you had the sudden urge to have bubble tea? The craving for those delicious milk tea? We did! And so we decided to create a way for anyone and everyone to make bubble anytime anywhere they want!


It tastes the same!

You might think that it's impossible to recreate that flavor from your favourite bubble tea shop but trust me, you can! We use the same ingredient and recipes so you can have your favourite drink anywhere you want.

With our easy recipes, you can easily impress your friends and family with your bubble making skills. Or better yet, have fun making it together!

We are constantly innovating

We are constantly looking for more flavors and recipes for you. We will do the testing on our end so you will only get the best tasting drink. So let us know what you would like to see next!